When you are shopping for your new Toyota car, truck, or SUV you’ll find dozens of references to Toyota Safety Sense. But what exactly is this suite of advanced technology and how does it help you become a better driver? Mountain States Toyota is here to help you understand exactly what Toyota Safety Sense brings to the table.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

This system of features uses both radar and camera sensors to read the road ahead of you and detect potential hazards. It can detect both stopped vehicles and pedestrians on the road ahead and will warn you of a potential collision so you can take evasive action.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

We’ve all been behind the wheel with the cruise control on when suddenly traffic slows and you apply the brakes, disengaging the cruise control system and making you find that ideal cruising speed again once traffic lightens up. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will instead slow down with traffic using the same radar and camera system as the pre-collision warning, by maintaining a specific distance to the cars ahead. Once things speed up, you’ll be brought back up to your cruising speed and you never have to lift a finger.

Lane Departure Alert

Whether you’re checking your mirrors, lamenting that coffee spill, or just enjoying a conversation with the person next to you, all of us at one point or another will accidentally drift out of our lane. The Lane Departure Alert will now warn you when you begin to drift, and the available steering assist can even guide you back into your lane.

Automatic High Beams

Don’t worry about flipping your high beams on and off when approaching traffic – with automatic high beams your Toyota will notice when you are approaching other drivers and automatically dim the lights for you.

Lane Tracing Assist

This new feature uses the DRCC and visible lane markings to keep you safely centered in your lane.

Road Sign Recognition

You’ll always know the most recent speed limit and you’ll be warned of upcoming stop signs and yield signs as well as any Do Not Enter signs thanks to this intelligent forward-facing camera feature.

Explore the New Toyota Lineup Today!

Each new Toyota model comes with Toyota Safety Sense to help protect you while you drive. Visit Mountain States Toyota for a hands-on look at how each feature can help you on the open road.

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