For a long time Toyota models were considered competent, reliable cars without any truly distinguishing characteristics. That reputation is being shattered with more exciting designs each year, and the 2021 Toyota Corolla keeps the ball rolling with a stunning fascia outside and impressive interior appointments that are sure to impress. Visit Mountain States Toyota to test drive a new Corolla in Denver today!

Head-Turning Looks

Chances are you’ve already done this. You see a new Corolla driving down the road and take a second and third glance to figure out what just drove past. Imagine your surprise when you realize it’s a Toyota Corolla, and you can have those stunning good looks in your driveway today! Whether it’s the aggressive front grille or the angular, fish-hook LED headlights that captured your attention first, there is no doubt that the 2021 Toyota Corolla stands out from the crowd when it comes to compact sedans.

A Joy to Drive

There is something so simple and pleasing about driving a comfortable sedan that doesn’t ask too much of you as a driver. Sure, you can push the Corolla to it’s limits if you’d like, and the new Apex Sport trim will give you the tools to do so. Still, standard kit Corolla models deftly handle the winding mountain roads, rough pavement, and sweeping highways with ease, allowing you to settle into the power-adjustable driver’s seat and truly enjoy the drive.

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