It is cold and you are in an empty parking lot hopelessly turning the key and listening to the engine not respond. You just put in a new battery a month ago, and had the alternator checked, what possibly could it be leaving you stranded at such a time? In all likelihood, that would be a bad accessory drive belt, the linkage between your battery and the alternator that allows to be charged.

The full service provided at Mountain States Toyota in Denver, CO can help ensure that this important piece of the engine is working properly. While it is routine maintenance to ensure that you have a well-performing battery and alternator before the cold weather hits, the accessory drive belt is a component that is often forgotten. Without a properly functioning belt to transfer power between the two, you could find yourself in the above situation.

At our Toyota service center in Denver, we always take the extra steps to ensure that all components of a cars system are working properly. Service like this will help you prevent that dreaded moment of a car that refuses to start.

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