Not everyone has the luxury to know everything about cars. Most people are not familiar with what is wrong with their car and will go to a local auto repair shop to have work done on their cars. What most people do not know is, it might cost more to go to the dealer however the dealer has more employees and will have the car repaired sooner than it would have taken at a small repair shop.

Also, if you need a part for your car and have checked all the auto repair stores to find the right part, the dealership will generally be able to find the parts quicker than the other stores if they have to order them. Also, the dealership is going to have a part that is better quality than your local auto parts store is going to carry. The dealer will have the resources to find parts that are otherwise not able to be found which is another reason to shop at the dealership instead of at the local auto parts store. Find the authentic Toyota parts you need at Mountain States Toyota!

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