July Marks Opening of New Toyota North American Headquarters

Earlier this year, Toyota announced that it would be making a $10 billion investment into the American auto industry over the course of the next five years. As a part of that commitment, it has partitioned one billion of that fund toward opening a new U.S. based headquarter in Texas. In this way, the automaker hopes to bolster the economy and continue developing a lasting relationship with the nation.

This is just one example of how Toyota puts people first. The founding of this new building not only creates four thousand jobs but will produce models with domestic resources to be sold not just on the home front but worldwide too. It should also be noted that the compound itself is taking a more sustainable approach, with energy drawn from over 20 thousand solar panels and local wind turbines and recycled rainwater to help maintain its surrounding natural landscape.

Clearly, Toyota is playing an integral role in supporting the American jobs market and the environment, and that is why those of us here at Mountain States Toyota can proudly say we are a Colorado dealership affiliated with the brand.

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