5 Focus Points of Toyota New Global Architecture

The Toyota Motor Company wants drivers like you to get the most from driving in a new Toyota model. That is why the manufacturer recently announced that it would be fine-tuning its production strategy. Under the label of Toyota New Global Architecture, also known as TNGA, the company plans to realign the focus on five values that will improve how you experience Toyota ownership. They are as follows:

Driving Quality

Toyota knows that a large part of what makes driving satisfying is how well a vehicle performs. As such, TNGA aims to create a better vehicle by developing and integrating highly functional components. With the right equipment, the automaker can ensure all models deliver an optimized performance that you can sincerely appreciate.

Ride Comfort

In addition to enhanced performance, a better vehicle constitutes a comfier ride as well. That is why TNGA-based models will feature a more occupant-centered design. In other words, you and your loved ones can expect to find more options that offer the benefit of spaciousness, premium seating, and other features that make traveling a delight.


Convenience is another must for a more enjoyable time on the road. That is why this quality is another concentration of the TNGA plan. From the inclusion of smarter technologies like a connected multimedia center to design features such as flexible cargo room, the purpose is to make every model more useful.

Increased Security

Safety is a top priority too. With more structural and technological advancements, TNGA models will make sure that you and your passengers have peace of mind on every trip. That way, you can simply sit back, relax, and soak in the experience without having to worry about obstacles in your path.

Ownership Pride

With all of the aforementioned values combined, Toyota knows that owners will feel a greater sense of pride for their Toyota model. That means you can travel with the utmost confidence, wherever you go. Now you have even more reason to keep an eye on what is to come to Mountain States Toyota soon.

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